Which UK Casino Online Is the Best? It’s the Subtle Differences

The online casino business is riding a wave that still seems far from its peak. New websites are cropping up like mushrooms after yesterday’s downpour, and they all seem pretty great. However, you are not after ‘pretty great’; you want ‘the greatest’, whether you are betting substantial sums or are playing for the sheer enjoyment of it. In the sea of seemingly brilliant options, you have to get discerning and smart in order to fish out the best UK casino online. Luckily, you are not alone in that quest. Here are our top tips for what to look for while perusing all those tantalising offerings out there.

Who is the software provider?

Every respectable UK casino online relies on the industry standard when it comes to their betting software. There are only a few major players in this sphere, so look out for their names when you browse a casino’s website. Being associated with one of the widely accepted software developers signals dependability and fairness, and it is a good initial seal of approval.

Is there a minimum buy-in?

You may be tempted to think the best UK casino online is for high-rollers and will not bother with small deposits. This is a common misconception, though, and you will be best advised to steer clear of ‘250 quid minimum’ establishments. A good online casino will never force you to spend any amount you are not comfortable with, so don’t fall for such antics. A better casino is just around the corner!

What is the payout percentage?

Betting online is fun and not a legitimate source of income (unless you are a video poker wiz or the like), but it is still important to check how often players have managed to beat the house and logged off richer than before. A solid, high payout percentage indicates the games are not rigged and able-minded players can have fun and win reasonably often.

How quickly are payouts transferred and how?

On the heels of the payout percentage comes the speed and processing of payouts. Respectable UK casinos online will not beat around the bush when it comes to giving you your winnings within three days of your request. They should also give you a good list of options where to receive them. At the least, they should be able to match the payment method you used to make your deposits, plus two other legitimate options. All the major credits, a bank wire transfer, plus the widely accepted online payment methods should be there for sure. Anything extra is welcome, but treat outlandish choices with caution. More is not necessarily better!

How high is the welcome bonus?

One of the nicest features of UK casinos online is the generous welcome bonus players receive when they make their first (few) deposits. Dig a little deeper into that, though, and you will be quick to realise the best UK casino online is not the one with the most insane bounty of a welcome bonus. Respectable online casinos tend to rely on an attractive yet reasonable reward of 100 to 300 per cent, with a cap between 750 and 1 500 GBP, regardless of how high your initial deposit is. Anything wildly above these values should raise a little suspicion!

What is the variety of games on offer?

The mark of a good online casino is the choice it offers to its players. Slots, table games, and live video are an absolute must here. The variety signifies both the desire to please the customer by catering to a wide array of tastes as well as the technical prowess of the establishment. Running so many games well requires a sizeable investment in infrastructure, software, and tech support which all signal quality and reliability. So look for a place with upwards of 300 individual games. Anything less and you know you are not in the best UK casino online – by a long shot!

What devices and platforms are supported?

The best UK casino online is platform-blind, meaning you can play on every device and from any operating system you wish; no limits! Desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet, or phone, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, MacOS, Windows – all of these options should be available and run problem-free. Anything less raises questions about the overall quality and commitment of the casino to their players’ safety, comfort, and enjoyment. One of the best things about online casinos is the ability to play on the go, and you should not have to sacrifice that because of your choice of personal devices!

Do they speak your language?

Even if you are using a UK casino online, you may well be more comfortable with playing in a language other than English. Expats and polyglots deserve this little pleasure, don’t they? Nowadays it is no challenge to offer a few language options in your website, so a well-to-do online casino is quite capable of catering to foreign nationals as well. In addition to that, a wider choice of language options signifies the online casino you are perusing has established itself across national borders, lending it additional credibility.

Is there live customer support?

Although customers in online casinos are commonly referred to as ‘players’, betting is no simple game, and you might need some guidance or help in certain situations. Then the presence of timely and competent customer support is essential. Reliable UK online casinos will offer you live support with real representatives, not a chat bot, who is quick to respond to you via chat, VoIP, or phone. May you never need them, but it’s good to know they are there.

So watch carefully and you will find!

If a UK casino online checks all the boxes above, you should have no qualms about diving into its doubtlessly high quality offerings. As with anything else in life, a little research goes a long way, and with this checklist, you can make sure you haven’t missed a thing. Happy searching and best of luck playing!