Playing French Roulette online and En Prison & La Partage bets explained

When you’re out and about perusing your favorite online casino uk, sometimes you may feel like trying something new. When these explorative feelings arise, why not consider trying le French roulette? While this game is not too unlike conventional roulette (meaning it’s very easy to learn and start playing), it does introduce some particular rules that make for a very enjoyable and unique experience.

For anyone out there who wants to know about the French style of roulette and how it’s different from regular online casino roulette, this article will provide a succinct and useful overview. We’re also going through crucial rules such as “la partage roulette” and “en prison roulette”, so you can get started playing French roulette in your online casino uk with full confidence.

French style roulette is actually really fun! So if you’re looking to put a different spin to your online casino roulette, you should try playing this European style roulette right now.

How is French Roulette Different From Other Online Casino Roulette Styles?

If you’ve ever played any style of European Roulette, you’ll be right at home playing online French roulette – as the rules and number sequence is mostly the same (including the presence of a single green-colored Zero, directly contrasting American Roulette and its double zero slots).

The major uniqueness of frech style Roulete comes from the “La Partage Roulette” and “En Prison Roulette” rules, which are explained in detail in the following section. Additionally, the table layout is usually different (although this is mostly a cosmetic difference) and the bet names are written in French – no worries though, as you can easily deduce the right boxes and actions from the context even if you’re not fluent in this foreign language.

In some variations of this Roulette, you may be offered a special selection of announced bets with colorful names such as “Orphelins and Finales” or “Voisins du Zéro”. In those cases, you will usually find an explanation of these advanced rules in its actual descritption within your online casino uk. No worries about the language barrier – you’ll usually find English descriptions next to all French terms.

Understanding “La Partage Roulette” and “En Prison Roulette” Rules

These are the two major rules which are really unique to French roulette, so these are worth explaining in detail… especially since these rules actually work to your advantage and serve to bring down the house edge, in specific situations.

The “La Partage Roulette” rule means “the splitting” and it’ss found on most French style roulettes; this rule states a particular outcome for when you place an even bet and the ball hits the number zero. In such a situation, you would actually get half of your bet money back, and this would effectively cut the house edge in half – bringing it all the way down to 1.35% rather than 2.70% as usual in European style roulettes.

The “En Prison Roulette” means “the hold” and it’s less commonly found, although it works somewhat similarly to “La Partage” Roulette. This rule also applies to situations where the ball ends up on the zero slot after you’ve placed an even money bet. Under this rule, the money won’t be split between the player and the house, but rather it will be held in place for the next bet. This means you effectively get a second chance to win (or lose) your bet, whenever the ball hits the green Zero. It can make for an interesting opportunity, and it’s certainly nicer compared to American roulette where you have double the odds of simply losing your bet – should the ball hit either of the green zero houses.

As you can see, the odds in French Roulette are actually a bit nicer compared to American Roulette! If you are the kind of player who gets the number Zero often when playing roulette, you should absolutely try playing the French style roulette to shake up your fortune.

You’re Now Ready to Enjoy Le Online Roulette in Great Style!

As you can see, learning to play the French roulette is very straight-forward if you’re already familiar with the rules of European roulette. Even if you aren’t, this is a simple game to learn, since you just have to pick up on its unique rules listed here. So whenever you feel like playing a different type of roulette where the house edge is actually lower than normal, this could be your best option.

You’ll find a version of French roulette available from most big online casino uk providers, and sometimes you may even come across a live version of this fun roulette game. If you’re up for enjoying a fun game of roulette, why not try going for a French round?