What is RTP and how to know if your casino game has the best RTP?

Slot players constantly ask, what is RTP? Well, this is a term that casinos use to explain the amount their game will pay to their players as a percentage of all the money wagered. Since online casinos compete in a worldwide market, they are forced to offer higher RTPs, unlike the regular ones that can pay as low as 80%. These returns vary between various casinos and games. However, the normal rate is more than 90% with the higher return to player percentage slots being between 94% and 97%. This means that online players have a bigger winning chance.

Any seasoned player understands that it is important to pay close attention to the return to player rate as it shows them their potential winnings. For example, with wagering bets that sum up to £100 in a slot game offering a 97% RTP, you can then expect to receive £97 back. However, lower RTP games give limited returns. This is the opposite of the house advantage. For example, a game offering 15% house edge will only yield an 85% RTP. This means that the game will keep the 15% of the player’s money. RTP is normally calculated over an extended period. However, the higher the RTP, the more a regular player is going to win.

How to Calculate Return to Player

What makes gambling more desirable is uncertainty. Return to Player rate is the measure of every game played by every player brought together. This means that if, for example, you win £500 from a £20 game session, you can actually calculate the return to player rate at 2500%. However, this means that there are other many players who had to go with a lower RTP than the one advertised to cover for your desirable one.

In various scenarios, even those good slots will offer different returns on each turn. Theoretically, this should be the same as the official RTP a player has been provided with. However, such information is not given often. The truth is that even the highest return to player slots will not offer 100%. This is in spite of the game promising the potential of most sure wins.

Why Pay Attention to the RTP?

Although you might be discouraged by the way RTP works especially when you do not get what the game promises, it is very important to understand the whole concept. The flipside of RTP is that it demonstrates the house edge. Each mobile casino bears a house edge, which is their profit on every game regardless of whether the game is referred to as a definite win slot. The truth is that casinos would not survive if they did not make money from RTP gaming.

What is a House Edge?

This is the opposite of RTP. What this means is that any slot that offers a 97% RTP has a house edge of 3%. In simple terms, this is the percentage a player loses to the house. Knowing these figures is important for you to know whether you are playing a high payout slot. This will help you select the slot with the highest RTP. Although these numbers do not predict what is likely to happen instantly, they can predict the game’s long-term results, which will help you determine the amount of a sure win slot you are playing at.

Any sure win slot should give an RTP of not less than 94%. However, there is a rise of slots that change their RTP according to the period you decide to play. Such slots come with a feature called levels. The more a person plays; the higher levels they achieve, and in turn, the RTP goes up. If you spend a lot of time playing, these are the ideal slots for you to win on.

How to Maximise Your Returns

Every gambler tries to get the most out of their casino visit. With such a goal in mind, it is important to pay close attention to the RTP. If you decide to go for games of chance, you should choose one that offers the highest RTP. Alternatively, choose one with the lowest house edge as it will enhance your chances of winning.

Despite the fact that RTP percentages get verified independently, you can still get more out of a game. This is possible when you take advantage of the game’s free spins, welcome bonuses, loyalty programmes and regular promotions too.

The Bottom Line

Online casino RTP affects the size of your theoretical payout, the possibility of a bonus and house profit. This is why you should consider the slot volatility and RTP. Firstly, be clear on what you expect from your game. Since you understand what RTP is, you can go for low variance slots that offer a higher return to player rates if you are willing to have a session last longer and later make a small win. However, if you like taking risks, go for high volatility games.