Best shop around online before trying a UK casino – or three!

There are thousands of online casinos out there, all vying for your business, so how do you know which is the right one for you? Not everybody appreciates the same things when it comes to choosing online casino games, it really is all down to personal preference. There are many factors to take into consideration when trying to find the best casino sites UK has to offer, this article considers some of these factors to help you make the right decision based on your preferences.

Game Selection

What games do you prefer? Are you a fan of live table games perhaps or do you prefer playing online slots. The games that you prefer will affect the gaming sites that appeal more to you. Some casino sites, for instance, specialise in particular table games such as Poker or Roulette whereas others offer a huge variety of slots that players can enjoy. You might find that you are drawn to one casino over another simply because it has more of an offering of a particular game.

Your Attitude to Risk

This might sound an odd thing to consider as surely all forms of gambling are risky, but some are riskier than others and this could be a factor in finding your favourite online casino games. You might, for instance, prefer games with a low volatility rating. These are games where you can win often, but usually smaller amounts, prolonging gameplay and making the game less risky. If you like a bit of risk, however, you might be drawn to games that offer a high volatility rating. These games payout less often but, thanks to UK casino bonuses are likely to pay out larger amounts when they do. If you sit in the middle of these in terms of your attitude to risk your favoured type of game might offer a medium volatility rating. The best UK casino sites for you therefore would be the ones that feature games that match up to your preferred level of volatility.

Mobile Compatibility

Think about where you are most likely to enjoy your gaming sessions. Will it be when you are in the comfort of your own home or are you likely to enjoy a couple of game whilst waiting for friends or on your lunch break? If you intend to play outside of the home your favourite sites are going to be those that offer the best mobile compatibility. Some websites just look awful and simply don’t work in a mobile phone browser. Many online casino games have recognised that this can be a problem for players who like to fit in games on the go and so have designed apps that offer games optimised for play on mobile devices. If you won’t be playing at home a good mobile app could be a deciding factor for you in choosing your favourite sites.


UK casino bonuses might well be another factor in your search for the perfect online casino site. Some players, for instance, are content to play games that they are familiar with, without the pressure of looking out for bonuses. Whereas there are other players who like to work hard to make the most out of the money that they put into playing a game. These players will be drawn to sites that offer a range of loyalty bonuses and that offer them the opportunity to get something back in return for the time and money they have spent in playing a game.


This can be a huge issue for fans of online casinos. Ultimately, when you devote money and time with an online casino site, you want to be assured that your data is safe and also that you will receive payouts, should you win. The best UK casino sites and the most reputable are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and so you should always look for mention of this before registering with any online casino.

As discussed, finding your favourite online casino games is all a matter of personal preference. There are websites out there, however, that can help by doing all the hard work for you in trying out the sites and reporting back on all the influential factors. If you prefer to try something for yourself, however, it doesn’t take long to get the feel for a site and you can make the process quite cheap by taking advantage of UK casino bonuses, most of the sites out there offer a plethora of welcome bonuses to get you started.