Online Casino VIPs Always Gets the Best Bonuses

When choosing the perfect UK online casino for your needs, there’s a lot to take into account. You might have already thought of looking at the range of games, or at the appearance of the site and how friendly it all seems – but one often-overlooked aspect of choosing a casino is the online casino VIP program they offer.

What is an online casino VIP program?

In short, it’s a program designed by an online casino to reward their most loyal members. The method of joining differs at different online casinos, and usually, there are levels that you can work your way through, with the rewards increasing towards the top. The type of rewards that are offered can also differ, but typically, there’s likely to be casino-specific rewards such as bonuses and promotions, but many casinos offer other benefits like the chance to win fun gadgets and luxury holidays.

How do I join a UK online casino bonus scheme?

This is something that definitely varies between casinos, but in general, there are two routes. Some sites automatically make new players VIP members as soon as they join, but of course, they will be right down at the bottom of the ladder in terms of bonuses or perks. Others automatically make a player a VIP member when they’ve deposited a certain amount of money in a set period of time. A few casinos still work on an old-fashioned system where someone at the casino has to notice you as a player and manually add you to the VIP program, but these non-automated sites are now few and far between.

What kinds of bonuses and rewards can I expect in an online casino VIP program?

Again, the rewards that you get from being part of a casino’s VIP program differ by casino. Firstly, they’re likely to offer you rewards which improve your casino experience, including the best bonuses possible, from match/deposit bonuses to cash back bonuses. Some casinos allow VIP players to make larger deposits than non-VIP players, make their withdrawals faster or offer them superior, personalised customer service. There may also be other benefits that aren’t directly related to your casino experience: some casinos give out free gifts to VIP players or offer them the chance to win big prizes like luxury holidays. You may also find some online casinos that allow you to ‘cash out’ your VIP loyalty points for casino money or special gifts.

How do the different levels of VIP programs work?

Usually, you will recieve loyalty points based on either how much money you wager or how much you deposit. For example, an online casino may give you five points for every pound you spend. Your VIP level is then based on the amount of points that you have built up. At some casinos, you will earn more points per pound spent at the higher levels.

Most UK online casinos have multiple levels in their VIP programs, and the rewards they offer get better as your level becomes higher. For example, all the levels of a reward program might benefit from special VIP support, but the higher levels might give you a personal account manager to make sure your casino experience is perfect. Higher levels are also likely to have access to other perks, such as special prize draws with amazing prizes for a casino’s most loyal players, or improved cash back deals and offers.

How do I choose the best casino VIP program for my needs?

One thing you should look at is how points are awarded at each site. Some sites offer more points for playing certain games than others, so make sure that your favourite games are properly rewarded. It’s also worth looking at the range of rewards that a site offers – there’s no point going for a site with special tournaments for members if that’s not something you’ll ever be interested in doing or one that offers gifts of free gadgets if you’re not into technology.

The best thing you can do is look at all the factors from how you would join the program to the kind of online casino bonuses they offer, think hard about what your needs are, and spend some time shopping around for the program that fits you best. With so many VIP programs out there, and all of them offering great bonuses compared to the people who don’t join the VIP programs, it’s certainly something that’s worth looking into.